Grading The Pearl

Pearls are inspected, assorted and graded by trained professionals and their efforts lead to strings and strands of the high quality. Pearls display many recognizable natural and organic features. Pearls are never identical and do not have the same fingerprints. They are never graded as flawless as per FTC Guidelines.

Unlike gold, there is no uniform universally recognized grading system in it. The entire value lies in the eyes and taste of the beholder. There are several rules to know a pearl and a few are cited here.

Every Pearl has an individual personality and is unique. The pearls are dissimilar in color, shape, size and luster and are not exactly the same.  
Touching true pearls gives a sense of cool. Their weight can be felt and they can be rubbed against each other, giving an uneven rough feeling.
When we shake the string of pearls, the real pearls will have a soft and comfortable sound and the fakes will sound thin or tinny.
Magnifier observation
Magnifying glass can be used to observe the pearl surface.
Bounce test
When we drop the pearl from 60 cm height on a piece of glass, the rebound height should be around 35 cm.
Get the pearls checked by an expert
If you are finding it difficult to identify the pearls, we would recommend to take the pearls to an expert who have the required tools to check the authenticity of the pearls.